Saturday, May 5, 2012

The House of Harlow Medallion Locket Necklace

One of my favorite jewelry pieces I have ever owned has to be the House of Harlow Medallion Locket Necklace. It literally goes with any outfit I put together, from casual to the most dressy. Held on a long 36 inch chain is a aztec patterned locket that hangs just above my belly button. Most necklaces don't come on such long chains, but personally I love longer chains. The medallion itself has a good weight to it but the chain is actually quite sturdy despite how thin it looks. The necklace is 14kt gold plated. 

I really love the pieces from Nicole Richie's House of Harlow line, they have that boho-ish look to them. While some of her pieces are reasonably priced, others are pretty expensive. I got this from  for $75, which is pretty steep for me at least. I had to talk myself into whether or not to buy this or not. My reasoning was that it would probably last a lot longer then say a necklace from Forever21 (don't get me wrong I love their jewelry as well!), would go with anything I wore and the fact that it was pretty sold out on every department store website I went to. Magnums sell authentic House of Harlow jewelry so don't worry about recieving a fake from them. Also if you sign up for their newsletter you will recieve a $10 off coupon code. 

I'll also be doing a post on some dupes or fakes of House of Harlow jewelry that I found on eBay so look out for that post soon. I would like to note about the eBay sellers that are probably selling fakes that are trying to pass them off as authentic House of Harlow, please do not buy from them unless you are 100% sure they are real. Will be featuring this necklace in outfit of the day posts in the future. :) 


  1. That is such a beautiful necklace! I have never really looked at Richie's fashion line but will check it out now when I get time. Looking forward to the post on the dupes because I don't think I can afford a real piece of her jewellery atm :S

  2. This necklace is so gorgeous. I love the jewelary from house of harlow. I think they look so different and unique. Really jazz up an outfit.
    xox Niamh xox

    1. Yes Nicole Richie did such a good job designing the pieces! :)