Saturday, April 14, 2012

Goodbye My Allowance, It Was Nice Knowing You

Hello everyone! I popped into MAC today with my empties in hand, but of course me being me I didn't leave with just the lipsticks that I was planning to Back2MAC for. I also picked up 2 paint pots that have been on my wishlist for almost a year now.

I'm  a big fan of the MAC paint pots ever since I bought my first one almost 4 and a half years ago and it's still going strong. These pots of creamy goodness (:P) are great for just applying a quick wash of color to the lids or as a base for your eyeshadow. People with oily lids may want to apply a primer underneath to prevent creasing. I think these 2 colors will look great during the summer as well. Rubenesque is a peachy-pink with a golden duo-chrome and Indianwood is a golden-orangey bronze. Paint pots are $17.50 each, and I realized that the price has gone up a dollar from when I first bought one. :/

The original reason for me going into MAC was to exchange my empties that I have been saving for a few lipsticks. I now realize that the three lipsticks I got are all very similar to each other but I love all of them none the less. I have a slight obsession with anything and everything coral or peach colored, I can't help it. I don't hear many people talking about ravishing or crosswires, I think it's cause they look a bit boring in the tube, but I think they're gorgeous. I also think these shades will be great for spring and summer. MAC lipsticks are normally $14.50 each.
  • Ravish is a beautiful peachy coral color. It is a cremesheen formula which is my favorite formula that MAC has to offer. 
  • Crosswires is more of muted cherry red coral. It is also a cremesheen formula.
  • Vegas Volt is a pretty popular coral from MAC, it's more of a true coral compared to the other two. It is a amplified formula, which is my second favorite formula.
Hope you guys have enjoyed this post. If you have any post requests for me please say so in the comments and I'll make sure to make note of it. Until next time, goodbye everyone!


  1. MAC lipsticks!!! <3 I just noticed I haven't bought any coral lipsticks from MAC. I'm gonna check these colors out next time! :) btw, I almost always say that title to myself too! "GOODBYE ALLOWANCE" even before the week starts! :p

    1. Yes MAC lipsticks are my love! <3 And haha there is just way too many things to spend your money on. I always tell myself that I'm helping to stimulate the economy, but I know I'm just lying to myself. XP